Your Customers are Talking about your Brand. Are you Listening?

Social media plays an integral role in communicating and networking with your customer base. 

Social media is a part of your communication strategy, and as such, customers see social media platforms as a way to directly communicate with your brand- whether this be through hashtags, geotagging, reviews, or sliding into your DMs. 

The customer voice or Voice of the Customer (VoC) is at the core of every successful customer experience (CX) program. 

This refers to the consumer’s wants, needs, and experiences as it relates to your brands’ products and/or services. A customer voice program focuses on capturing these by gathering and analyzing data to improve customer experience. 

CircleCue provides a Dashboard that makes sure you never miss a like, comment, tag, or DM. Our marketing services help keep your brand reputation strong by keeping track of your reviews on the platform and responding to them. Let CircleCue help you to improve your customer experience. 

It’s one of the most important things you do for your brand! 

Why Customer Voice is Important 

The customer’s voice is more important than ever. No longer does a disgruntled customer have to sit back silently and tell their few friends over coffee about their customer experience. With social media, customers move from a passive audience to one that creates- and that includes content about your carefully curated brand.  

This is especially problematic. Consider that poor customer experience costs United States companies more than 136 billion dollars a year due to completely avoidable churn! The best way to improve the customer experience is to both listen and act on what your customers tell you. Listening to your customer’s voice is key to providing a successful customer experience. 

A VoC program reveals what your company is doing well and where you can improve upon. The only people who know your product better than you are those implementing and using it (or your service) daily. Listening to these people isn’t just good business sense, it is wise.  

Successful brands know their customers inside and out. 

To know them, they must listen. 

Customer perceived value is a leading component of your success. You have to know why your customers need you, how you can help them, what they are looking for, and what their behavioral patterns and interests are. How do you find this out?

A Solution for your VoC Needs

The voice of the customer methodology (VoC) is the approach that businesses use to understand their customers’ needs and expectations. This method can be executed through a variety of different methods, all of which are vital to extracting information from customers. CircleCue’s Premier Marketing services allow you to analyze, reply, and understand your customer’s voice to make you more successful, gain more market share, and increase brand loyalty. 

Live Chat and DMs

According to a survey, 73% of customers are satisfied after using live chat- higher than any other form of customer support. 

Having live chat is a fantastic tool to capture data related to the Voice of the Customer. Live chat or direct messages are a great way to understand your customers through gathering and analyzing data. CircleCue allows all of your DMs to be in one place.  You’ll never miss a Facebook, IG, or LinkedIn direct message again. This saves time and increases your customer experience, a win-win for your brand. 

Social Media 

Social media is a powerful tool for two-way communication. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all valuable social media platforms. 

Gathering and capitalizing on VoC data can be done through actively participating and connecting with customers, tapping into ongoing conversations, or just quietly engaging in social media listening. This allows for a real-time and direct conversation with your customers- an incredible opportunity if taken advantage of. With CircleCue, you don’t need an in-house marketing team to engage in a fact-finding mission and engage with customers. All the information you need is right on your CircleCue dashboard. 

You can connect with customers across all social media platforms so you don’t miss a single hashtag, conversation, or review. 

Online Customer Reviews 

About 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. According to the Harvard Business Review, for every one-star increase a business has on Yelp, they see a 9 percent increase in revenue! Customer reviews are important and they are here to stay.   

CircleCue Premier marketing services handle your customer reputation by allowing you to respond to reviews, communicate with customers, and increase customer satisfaction so you don’t receive negative reviews in the first place.

Final Thoughts 

To be successful you MUST engage and retain your existing customers. A successful Voice of the Customer program will provide you with the data you need to understand your customers, inside and out.  


  • The process of capturing the voice of the customer should be data-driven. 
  • Don’t make assumptions based on what you think. Collect data so you can determine what you KNOW. 
  • To be successful, you must have an in-depth understanding of the customer journey. 
  • Identify and respond to the VoC to increase customer satisfaction, improve the customer experience, and develop brand loyalty.  

VOC should increase customer retention and provide a top-notch experience for your customers and potential customers. 

CircleCue Premier marketing services can provide you all of the tools you need to listen to what your customers are saying about you. Investing in this service will give you a competitive edge by improving what your customers think about your brand.