Lots of social media platforms and social apps are clamoring for your attention and depending on whether your intention to belonging to a platform is personal or business-related, you might get distracted. The one way you can ensure some sense of organization is by narrowing down your choice of social media platforms. CircleCue is an all-in-one social network/platform which is available as a Mobile App both for Personal and Business users. It helps you know which social media sites resonate with like-minded persons and content so that your social media time will be worth the while.

Imagine having a platformthat serves as a folder to hold the important andbest social media platforms/social apps you need to grow. How super thrilling that is?

How doesCircleCue help to manage the right social media platforms for you? Let’s take a critical look at CircleCue’sfeatures.

Features of CircleCue

  • Dashboard: The circle cue dashboard gives you access to all your feeds. It helps you effectively monitor everything going on with your circle and feed. This is where social media management happens. It opens you up to your different social media profiles.
  • Feed: This is the feature that enables you to keep an eye on your content crush. The people who resonate with your frequency, who share the kind of content you hope to see pop up here for you to either add to your circle or see what more contents they have to offer. This is that ‘person’s you might be interested in’ space.
  • View Profile: This feature enables you to view your profile and make changes to your picture, display name, interests, and the likes.
  • Search: The search feature allows you to search for people who you might want to be in your circle.
  • My Circle: This feature helps you know who is in your circle. You can select anyone from your circle to remove or chat with through this feature. You can also get to know more about the people in your circle as this feature gives you access to view their profiles.
  • Album/Gallery: This is where you store those pictures and memories that you wish to get on any of your social media platforms someday. This feature helps you organize your pictures for every year.
  • Reviews/Insights: This feature opens you up to people’s reviews about placesthey visited and the insights that could help you enjoy these places. You can also post both positive or negative reviews of places you’ve been and things you’ve witnessed while on the platform.
  • Business users can post Blogs/Press Releasee and Job Offers. Plus, an option to respond to the feedback posted by clients. Business users in Premier Circle get to use CircleCue’s Social Media Marketing Services at special rates.
  • Dating Circle: Did you decide to date on the platform, this feature lets you see an array of people who share your dating interests. You can get on the dating circle to enjoy the dating part of the social network platform. You don’t have to sign up on so many dating sites anymore.
  • Resume/Bio: This feature tells people more about you.
  • Inbox Messages: This feature allows people to send private messages which you alone can see and reply. It’s not a general chat feature.
  • Circular Chat: This feature makes chatting with the people in your circle easy.
  • Favorites: Your favorite people pop up here once you tag them as your favorites.
  • Notes/Reminders: This feature allows you to save dates or pieces of information you wish to be reminded of later.
  • Nearby Users: This feature allows you to see users of CircleCue that are in your area/location.

CircleCue is the best social media network that can ever happen to you. So, who do you have in your circle? Join Free to find out. Join CircleCue today.