Who is in your CircleCue?

CircleCue is not only just One App where you can post all your Social Media Profiles, it is a Patented Method where you can expand your contacts within Inner Circle and manage privacy person by person. For example, if an employer is asking your resume and you want to submit your profile, you can do that by customizing your CircleCue privacy so that employer can only see your confidential Resume and LinkedIn profiles but not have access to personal profiles like Tinder or Instagram etc.

Now the employer must be a Registered CircleCue user to invite you to become part of their Inner CircleCue.

So, that’s how the Inner CircleCue works to manage privacy. At the same time, if you are seeking to date another person first invite that person to be part of your CircleCue so that you can give access to your Tinder or Match or Harmony profiles etc. Circle Cue All in one App.

This way you can control who is in your CircleCue and who is not and what type of access you have provided them.