Too Many Social Media Platforms to Keep Track Of? Here’s What to Do

These days’ new social media apps popping up all the time. Some of them are fun, but as much as you might want to, you can’t always let go of the old apps because a lot of your friends spend most of their time there. Then there are those people you know from work who you want to network with, but you don’t want to share all your posts with them.

What’s the solution? One app to rule them all. No, seriously, you don’t even have to fight Gollum for it. CircleCue is one app that combines all your social media, both business and personal, and allows you to choose how you interact with different people through the Manage Privacy setting. So those colleagues you want to be friends with but don’t want to be friends with? You can set it up so they only interact with your professional posts, like LinkedIn. Now you’re boss or potential employer doesn’t need to know how you vote or just how much fun you had on your last vacation.

You can also see posts in Personal mode only—great if you want to talk to people you meet on or learn more about a potential date. Or you can share personal pictures and info with friends. If you want to look someone up on LinkedIn or do some small business marketing, you can switch to Business mode, or choose to view both Business and Personal posts at the same time. Want to review a product? You can do it as a Personal user, and the business can thank you for your review in Business mode. Switching back and forth between Business and Personal is also great for social media influencers.

Do you sometimes want to limit a post not only to personal connections but just people you’re close with? Sometimes you may not want to share emotionally impactful moments with everyone, or may only want to talk about something with the people you trust most. You can do this by creating an “Inner Circle” of contacts for your closest family and friends. Posts selected for the Inner Circle won’t show up in anyone else’s feed or be visible on your timeline.

Also, you can send bulk messages to your Inner Circle but still exclude certain individuals. For example, if you want to message everyone about a surprise birthday party, but don’t want the guest of honor to see it, you could exclude them only.

Best of all, you don’t have to keep switching between apps if you want to share something—no more copying and pasting the same meme or announcement in four or five different apps. One day, you may tell your grandkids how back in the day you had to post to as many as twelve different social accounts! They’ll probably ask if you saw any dinosaurs, but hey, at least you can say you were one of the first onboard the all-in-one social media channels train.

What are you waiting for? Stop wasting time juggling multiple social media apps and put them all in one place with CircleCue. Just go to the app store (Apple or Google Play), download the CircleCue app, and sign up for a free account to bind them all. Just don’t tell Gollum.