Social Media Marketing isn’t just for businesses

Connecting your audience and building your brand isn’t just for companies who have something to sell. Now more than ever, everyone realizes the potential that social media marketing has for everyone.

Using social media platforms to connect you to your audience helps drive website traffic, increase your exposure, and build your brand. However, why is that important if you’re just a regular person?

Well, for a few reasons.

First, it’s more than likely that you’re loyal to a few select brands. Think about your favorite brand of crackers, cleaning supplies, or clothes. You love these brands, and you want to support them, so you buy their products. Social media networking and marketing helps you brand yourself as a loyal supporter of these brands. In turn, the brands might select you to be an affiliate or influencer to help spread awareness. The more vocal you are about your support of particular consumer goods, the more likely you will be recognized for your efforts. Using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can help you increase your exposure, and in turn, you might score some free goods!

If you’re not interested in being vocal about the products you like to buy, that’s okay! There’s still plenty of space in the social media-branding world for you too. Maybe you’re passionate about specific topics and issues that affect your immediate community. Having a broad audience to engage with about these issues is sure to be effective – and you might elicit the change you want to see. Listening and engaging with your followers will help you spread your message.

How does CircleCue come in?

These days, everyone can benefit from social media branding. If you’re ready to build your brand, or if you want to polish your existing presence online, that’s great!

However, here’s the tough part. How do you manage all of those profiles on all of your sites? Posting content to Pinterest will be different from the content you post on Instagram, and if you’re starting out, it can be tough to keep it all straight.

Marketing Plans

Instead of trying to recreate marketing plans that are hard to follow, consider streamlining your efforts. When you join CircleCue, you’re able to access all of your social feeds quickly and easily from one dashboard. This means that you can manage what content goes to which site and make sure that the right audience sees the right messaging. That’s big news! Automating these processes means that you have more free time to find and create engaging and compelling content, which will ultimately help drive traffic to your site and build your brand.

CircleCue understands the five core pillars of social media branding,

  1. Create a strategy
  2. Plan content
  3. Publish content
  4. Listen to your audience
  5. Engage with your audience

Creating a strategy is only one part of the equation.

After planning and publishing our content, you need to be active – listening and engagement are critical. CircleCue helps you stay on top of interaction and engagement so you can continue to build the kind of social media identity you want.

If you’re ready to find out more, check out our FAQ page and sign up today.