Is It Possible to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts Without Switching between Apps?

How many hours do you spend switching between multiple social media accounts in a day? Do you find it exhausting? Do you pray for an easy way or an all-in-one solution?

It’s no secret that jumping between different apps can be tiring. It is common for social media managers to manage numerous accounts on multiple platforms, and at times, even on a single social media app. Some social media handles focus on sales, and others on customer support or marketing.

Despite how daunting it is to handle multiple social media accounts, it is necessary to carry on. Social media has become an evil boon. What if we tell you that you can manage different social media accounts from one place without having to switch between multiple apps?

But before we dig in, we want to brief you on the perks of having social media presence on multiple accounts.

Perks of Having Multiple Social Media Accounts

1. Segmented audiences

You will find various kinds of people on different social media platforms. Your presence on multiple social media accounts ensures a wider networking area. It allows you to interact with people of varying interests. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about balancing your posts to ensure a wider reach.

2. Geo-specific news

If you are a multi-location business or brand, having separate pages on social media will help you serve customer needs specific to the location you are targeting. Isn’t this great?

3. Topic-specific posts

Sometimes, a single business takes on a variety of topics. For example, Circle Cue has #CircleCueInfluencers, #CircleCue MobileApp, and more. We manage all our accounts on a single platform – that’s a whole different story!

Now that we have discussed the benefits of having a presence on multiple social media platforms let’s also discuss its cons.

Disadvantages of Handling Multiple Social Media Accounts

1. Confusion among the fans

If you have multiple accounts, many people may end up following only the one they care about. And as such, you are at the risk of losing prospective customers.

2. Social media team may be exhausted

Having multiple accounts means more work. Switching between multiple apps in a day, interacting with regular customers, the prospective audience – in between all of these, it is normal for your team to feel exhausted.

3. Difficulty in branding

With multiple social media accounts, inconsistent branding might be a problem.

What if we tell you there is an excellent solution to eat away your social media blues?

Circle Cue is a unique social media platform for both personal and business users to interact with each other. It lets you display all your social media accounts on a single profile page. Much like its name, Circle Cue is about creating and expanding a friends’ circle or a network of colleagues.

You can download the #CircleCueMobileApp and try out its unique features. We also offer social media marketing and SEO services. You can become a member of Premium circle by upgrading your free classic membership and enjoy the perks.

If you are not getting desired results for your social media efforts, check out our complete social media promotion package. Not only will it help you expand your network, but it will also offer you free exposure. In the end, it’s all about how you consolidate your efforts and resources. Right?

So, why not switch to a faster and more effective way of social media account handling? Are you ready to experience a different yet straightforward world of social media?