Impressive Social Media Hacks With CircleCue Networking Platform

Expand your social media Circle; reach today without hassle using the new social media networking platform that enables you to have multiple social channels in one place. CircleCue Social Media Networking Platform is your all-in-one social media tool that you need to increase your social media reach, build relationships, educate yourself and connect with the world. It has come to revolutionize how we use social media channels.

CircleCue Social Networking Platform

Get your CircleCue app now on App Store or Google Play and sign up in less than 5 minutes.

Outstanding features of the CircleCue Platform

More to the quick signup, CircleCue has more exclusive and exciting features that make your social media life easy. They include:

  • Creating a gallery/Album
  • Expand your Circle
  • Circular Group Chat
  • Posting resume and job offers feature
  • All your social platforms on one page
  • Travel Circle, Dining Circle, Dating Circle
  • Post reviews and feedback on businesses
  • Connect with other nearby users
CircleCue Networking Platform

Types of CircleCue accounts you can have – 

Personal Account

You can join CircleCue as an individual by creating a personal account here. Some of the outstanding abilities of a personal account include posting reviews on businesses, earning an instant referral bonus, traveling with CircleCue club, and posting your resume, among other benefits.

Business Account

Businesses and organizations also have a chance to create a CircleCue business account for free. They can enjoy many more benefits, including posting job offers and recruiting, responding to customer reviews directly, attending exclusive CircleCue exhibitions/seminars/events, and more abilities.

Premium Circle

It is an upgrade for personal and business accounts to reap more exclusive benefits and access exclusive features. The benefits include a complete SEO report on your website and a follow-up on reviews to protect your brand’s reputation. Check out more benefits here.

CircleCue Benefits Highlight

  • Your business profile is highlighted in the Premium Circle.
  • Profile searchable based on industry and bio keywords.
  • Free access to visitor demographic statistics.
  • Discounted rates for IT services.
  • 24/7 dedicated customer support
CircleCue Networking Social Media Platform

Looking for the best all-in-one social media networking platform of 2022? Join CircleCue – a social media platform where you can showcase all your social media accounts on one profile page.

CircleCue is like combining LinkedIn with Instagram, Facebook, and a plethora of dating apps – you’ll never run out of things to do, content to post, and people with whom to connect. While you can’t interface with other platforms through CircleCue, you can display all your social media links in one place. Designed not only for individuals but also for businesses, CircleCue centers your social circle and allows you to invite friends and expand your circle. Search for people by occupation, keywords, and profile name: occupation/keywords profile for businesses, and occupation/keywords for personal users. You can even join a Pro CircleCue to connect with others in your industry, or you can join the Dating Circle to find your next love!

CircleCue Social Media Platform

If you use CircleCue as a business, you can connect with customers; receive messages directly to your inbox, post blogs or share new releases and product images! Customers can also leave business reviews or message you directly, so the corporate-to-consumer connection is ever-present and easier than ever to access.

If you join with a free Classic account then you’ll get the basic features of CircleCue until you’re ready to level up to a Premium Circle, where you can showcase your profile to other Premium users and see your visitor stats by country and state. Download the app and sign up as a personal and/or business user and browse all the features. This social media mobile app is your chance to showcase all your social media accounts on one page, and it is FB/IG compatible! The CircleCue networking platform offers a metaverse-style connection for all your accounts without all the expensive virtual reality technology (and let’s be honest, most of us don’t know how to use that anyway). Get the CircleCue app now on Google Play or the App Store, and check out our website for more information. Don’t hesitate to contact us.