Four Tips to Help You Get Better at Social Media

Stop thinking of your social media platforms as something entertaining to pass your time and start to realize you have the unique opportunity to spread your message and increase your brand awareness. Here’s a reality check: you can’t expect much from a social platform if you post random links, seldom mention others, and rarely interact with your audience.

The truth is you need a social media strategy. This goes for anyone on social platforms these days, not just brand or brand ambassadors. Why? Well, because without a clear plan, you’re going to get lost in the shuffle. But how can you do that and still stay authentic to what you want from your platforms? Let’s look at these four tips to help you get better at social media. These four tips will help you get better at doing what you love – because let’s face it: Social media is supposed to be a little bit fun and a little bit of work.

1.   Why are you here?

Before you start working on your social media strategy, ask yourself why you’re on social media in the first place. It would help if you had a clear and identifiable answer at the ready, something that’s SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. An example of a SMART goal might be to increase your social media presence by a specific amount.

2.   Identify who you’re trying to reach

The truth is you need a niche – a specific audience who is likely to respond to the kind of content you create and push out into the world. Maybe that means industry players and influencers, or perhaps you’re looking for brand awareness. Either way, when you break down your audience, you can decide which social media sites will be most effective for you and your social media strategy. For example, a writer is going to have much more traction on Twitter than on Instagram, since Twitter is more text-based.

Your posting schedule, the type of content you publish, your brand’s voice, and the information on your profile should all be clearly defined, but that can get hectic if you don’t have an easy way to access all of your info in one place.

3.   Don’t forget to be human

Everyone can tell when your brand strategy is all about your mission and doesn’t have authenticity. One of the worst mistakes you can make is coming across as having no personality. Instead of being all business and no fun, try to remember that you’re on social media to build awareness and an audience. That means cracking jokes and interacting with your followers just as you would do with friends. The right social media manager takes all of this into account and makes it simple and easy for you to be the best version of yourself online.

4.  Utilize the ease and accessibility of CircleCue

That’s where CircleCue can help. When you create a CircleCue account, you’re able to see all of your platforms and feeds in one place. Access to your dashboard means you have control over the content you publish and when it goes out.

You’ll even have better chances of interacting with all of your audiences since you’ll be able to see everything all together. Find out more on our FAQ page and sign up today.