1. An auto generated 4 digit passcode is emailed upon sign up. Which you can change it later after Sign In.
  2. If you don’t receive the email confirmation please check your Junk/Spam Folder or you can request a new password by clicking on Forgot Password.
  3. Once you login you can add all your social media links including custom links plus upload a resume if asked by an employer.
  4. Some features like Chat / Sending Message or Requesting to be added in the Inner Circle is only possible via the both Mobile Apps. (IOS and Android).

5- If you have huge network of friends and business colleagues then you can easily become an affiliate at: https://circlecue.com/affiliate.html and send them the unique referral link for them to sign up. You will earn $0.25 per sign up.

6- On your web site remove all those Social Media links of Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn/Twitter etc. Instead just display one CircleCue logo which is linked to your CircleCue Profile with an exclusive ID. That’s all you need one social media ID. Download the logo from and that logo will be linked to your CircleCue profile. Easy Simple One ID to remember by your friend and colleagues

7- Business sign up also gets one ID to share with the clients so they get a full review of the business on one Circle Cue profile of the business.  

Welcome to CircleCue, the most straightforward application for personal and business users to access and manage all of your social media accounts on one platform.  CircleCue gives you the power to decide who sees which of your social profiles. Manage and Build a spam-free Inner Circle. You will be the first to know about the latest update of friends and best deals and employment openings from your Inner Circle Businesses.










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