CircleCue- Centre of All Social Media Activities

Don’t you get tired of trying to maintain all your social media platforms? Are you tired of creating profiles and generating informative content individually on every social media platform? Does it stress out that the same content and information may not be valid for your audience on the social media platforms?

Are you sure that you can reach your target audience using a particular social media platform? Well, if the answer to all or some of these questions is “no,” you should consider reading this blog further.Social Media

Social media collectively serves a prominent purpose of marketing and communication in this modern century. The questions above share something in common: they make you question your social media strategy’s effectiveness.Social Media Benefits for Personal Use

Long-distance calls and messages grow cheaper thanks to rapid advancements that allow for speedier communication. It makes meeting potential friends with common interests and ideas easier and stress-free.

However, the complications of social media as a business and personal user create hurdles that make daily life and business progress seem uncertain. Therefore, we have come up with a solution in the form of an all-in-one application, “CircleCue.”

What is CircleCue?

CircleCue is a network that centrally organizes your entire social media profiles for collective use. It provides ease in developing content and ensuring that it reaches the right target audience.

Our goal is to make sure that you do not have to spend an awful lot of time adjusting your work and content according to every social media platform’s requirements.

About the use of CircleCue

CircleCue’s website offers two types of user signups. One signup is for personal use, and the other is for business use. Moreover, you can opt for both of these to enjoy centralized social media networking.CircleCue- Personal Use

You can showcase all your social media content along with links to other content such as podcasts and videos. Furthermore, you can create a dating circle for the exclusive use of finding partners to link up with.

The availability of gallery storage allows you to share and post pictures with non-stop access at any time. You can even post resumes and create chat circles for friends, family, colleagues, or business associates. The instant ability to chat provides a chance to expand your circle.

CircleCue offers neat feature such as

· notes

· reminders

· prompt confirmation and rejection of friend requests

· privacy

· your profile’s visitors

· stats, along with the

· ability to post review and feedback on the networkCircleCue- Business User

Features of a business profile are similar to those of a personal profile, but added features include:

· Replying to feedback from consumers

· Job offers

· Blog Posts

· Professional Chat and Posting Circles

· Posting of Press ReleaseOther Elements of CircleCue

CircleCue can serve as an enterprise APP due to the availability of affiliate links that help generate customers. Clicking on the link as a user could reveal coupons or free deals.

You can also upgrade your account status to premier level by paying a $9.95 monthly fee. This way, you enter premier circles in CircleCue’s network. At the same time, CircleCue gives high priority is responding to your feedback and insights on the website.

The features on the CircleCue social media network are not limited to the website. Instead, you can download the CircleCue app from the Playstore or AppStore.


CircleCue has already filed for the provisional patent of some features. As a matter of fact, it is possible that CircleCue might patent the entire process. Some of the notable features for the provisional patent include the month-to-month or year-to-year creation of a photo gallery/ album.